5 reasons NOT to hire a brand designer

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Peter Kuyt

July 10, 2020

Peter Kuyt

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5 reasons NOT to hire a brand designer

Plenty of successful entrepreneurs will tell you that bringing on an experienced brand designer early in the game is one of the best investments you can make as a start-up.

But I’m here to tell you DON’T! Why not? I’ll give you 5 reasons:


1. Relax and keep expectations low

Having a well designed brand can really shift people’s perception and expectations of your brand. They will think that if your brand looks this good, your product will be awesome too. Think of the pressure that that will put on your operation, development, production, quality … Trying to live up to that promise can only lead to stress and burnouts. Who needs that?


2. Clients are just a distraction

A strong, confident brand is a sure-fire way of attracting customers. And let’s be honest, clients are a nuisance. Think of all the work it will take to communicate with them and follow-up on their interest. Worse still if they purchase something… then you have billing and after-care issues! Too much interest in your brand can be a real distraction when you just want to focus on developing new products.


3. Don’t be restricted, be free!

A consistent brand not only provides you with a nice set of brand assets, it also comes with rules and guidelines (yaks!). You are a free spirit, you can’t be tied down like that! Give your creativity free reign! Why use the same colours all the time? And who says you cannot use that funny typeface? You are the boss, do whatever feels right today!


4. Do not outsource the fun stuff

Why let others have all the fun work, while you are stressing about numbers, quotes and personnel issues? You are creative! Remember how that kindergarten teacher used to tell your mom how talented you were? Exactly. Plus, how hard can it be? You are a master in Paint and PowerPoint. If it was good enough for Mrs. Begamann, it’s good enough for your customers.


5. Stand out!

Didn’t all those marketing consultants tell you to stand out? So why get into the shark pool with all the other good looking brands? Why compete for attention and respect? If every other brand is looking great, you can be different. That will be your blue ocean. Clients will love your courage in not following the herd. And who knows, shabby and messy could be the new black! You have been right before, haven’t you?


I’m sure none of this is news to you. Your intuition has served you well up until now. No need to get professional on everything right away. Right?


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