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July 2, 2020


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When is it too soon to take your brand identity seriously?

Many early-stage startups feel they don’t need to pay attention to their brand design just yet. While all efforts are being invested in finishing the product (important, of course), they’ve put off the work on branding to a moment in the future, after funding. Then, they show up at the first pitches that need to secure that funding, with a look and presentation that can at best be interpreted as charming, but more likely as amateur. I’m talking about messy slides, visuals that require a PhD to understand and a logo that seems to be drawn by a nephew.

A risk worth taking?

Imagine asking someone on a date. Do you pay attention to your presentation before, or after? Is it only after she says yes, that you will make an effort to look the part for the date? Or would you say it highly influences the odds of getting a yes in the first place? Taking yourself (and her!) seriously, by paying attention to your appearance?

Sure, she’s not dating your suit or your hair, it is all about your personality. But  before really knowing you, what do she have to go on? Doesn’t it all come down to the promise?

With your brand, it’s not that different.

You are asking people to leap. To believe in you and the thing you’ve created. Based on the first impression of your brand and your presentation, your audience starts to look for evidence that supports that impression. And they will find it too. It will either build their faith or increase their skepticism. It will determine whether they get on board or jump ship. Of course your solution remains key. Without it, you have nothing. But whether it is seen, understood and trusted is largely determined by other factors. Factors worth taking seriously.

Because nobody is taking your brand seriously unless you do.

I’m not writing this to snub you. Rather to encourage you. I want you to succeed. If you’re on the path of creating positive impact, there is no time to waste. It’s not too soon, seriously. The good news is, it’s not that hard either. It just requires you to acknowledge the importance of getting your presentation and branding in order. There are people out here who can help you with it. And if you’re worried about the cost, think about the cost of not being seen, understood or funded.

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