Real change happens when people fall in love with a different version of the future.

- Seth Godin

Helping others to create a different version of the future is what drives me. That is why I set up Visual Friday in 2012: to support entrepreneurs that are dedicated to having a positive impact on our society, our environment and our health. And where I believe I have the most impact is on those startups that are on the verge of ‘coming out’. This is a critical moment for any entrepreneurship: the transition from an inward focus (developing the product or service) to reaching out to a wider audience. For this transition to be successful, you need someone to help sharpen your story, and design and develop your brand identity so that your audience not only notices but actually engages.

A strong brand identity is contagious and inspiring, and just as crucial in creating focus and confidence internally. My biggest reward is seeing an emerging brand gain momentum: attract launching customers, obtain investments for further growth and build their team and network.

Just as a startup needs a long-term vision, I believe in building long term relationships with my clients. Ideally, I’m brought on board early on. In this way, I can help create a clear brand foundation that is robust enough to build upon. Relying on my strong network of creative specialists and consultants, I can then bring in whatever expertise is needed at each stage. In fact, you are getting the best of two worlds: the flexibility of an independent creative, with the capacity of a full-service agency.

With a strong preference for simplicity, I look for the essence in each project, stripping away everything that does not resonate with that essence. This approach is very much in line with my personal life, where I try to live consciously and minimalistically.

Peter Kuyt

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