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Peter Kuyt

December 6, 2020

Peter Kuyt



You may have noticed it’s been a while since my last blog. Or you may not, but I have. Despite all good intentions, I’ve not written anything for months.

And the longer it takes, the higher the threshold gets for writing the next one.

Or so it seems. Because of course, there is no such thing. The threshold is imagined. It’s the little voice saying: “You see, you’re not cut out for this. You don’t have the skills, the discipline, or the balls to make this work. You are an imposter and you’re not getting away with it this time.”

Reading The Practice, the latest Seth Godin book, helps me realise once again that it’s the process, not the outcome, that deserves our attention.

Instead of a bad sign, feeling like an imposter is actually an indication that we’re doing important work. That we’re trusting the process. We’re learning, exploring, innovating. Aiming to make things better. So let’s embrace that feeling and do our work anyway!



Of course this goes well beyond writing blog posts. It applies to all creative work. But since this blog is my playground, why not use it as an exercise?

By picking it up. No matter. Just starting again.

Not by trying to come up with the most ingenious content the world has seen. Not by waiting for an epiphany that will leave everyone in awe.

But by just picking it up.

Not where I left it, but where I am now.


Will it work this time? No guarantees. This is where I am. I am committing and I am enjoying it. Because it feels unsettling and liberating at the same time.

Even if no one reads this.

But if you do:

How about you, what will you start (again)?

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