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Revolt Bouldering Gym

Definitely not your typical startup, and an exciting journey off the beaten path. Together with my good friend and Revolt founder Jørg Franken, I started by drafting a set of statements that capture the essence of Revolt. With every designed expression, we built upon that foundation and reinforced the brand. It was a challenge to maintain Revolt’s rebel and anarchy elements, while more people got involved and the commercial company was taking shape.

Being able to influence so many aspects of the brand has been exceptional. Jørg and I co-created the entire interior of the gym, including bar and facilities, which we aligned with the brand concept. We even included an art gallery, curated by the amazing artist Wesley.

The result is, as Jørg likes to call it, a ‘Gesammtkunstwerk’. I can only invite you to experience this for yourself, by visiting Revolt Bouldering Gym in Delft.

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