Smooth. Simple. Secure.

"With a niche product that isn’t always easy to explain, I thought a rebrand was going to be difficult. Peter pleasantly surprised me with a rebranding that was consistent, simple and strong. His visual translation of our needs was elegant and really helped tell our story. This guy seriously understands start-ups."
Ernst Elhorst, 

Spun out of the Amsterdam University Medical Center, and cofounded by Medishield and NLC, SuperSeton brings an innovation that makes treating perianal fistulas easier, quicker and more efficient. Most importantly, it increases mobility and quality of life for patients, by preventing pain and discomfort.

Visual Friday created the brand concept, storyline, brand identity and various marketing material. Key in the visual storytelling are two illustrations, depicting current practice (dating back to the time of Hippocrates..) and the new, SuperSeton practice.

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