Sound tells the story

I love working with Peter because he is both genuinely creative and diligent. He always - always - delivers. And he always delivers something that's either surprisingly unique, or just very clever. Also: we tend to have lots of laughs in the process. What's more valuable than that? - Besides getting amazing visuals, that is?
Michiel van Poelgeest, 
sound boss

Klaenk is a studio for sound design, music production and podcasts, run by Dutch composer Michiel van Poelgeest, who happens to be one my favourite creative partners.

Klaenk believes in the narrative power of sound and music. The apt slogan “sound tells the story” was my starting point for creating the logo. The logo design process can be an exhaustive puzzle. But sometimes, the right idea just presents itself. The exploration of visual associations for story (book) and sound (speaker) popped up this concept and I loved it instantly.

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