Digital Growth Experts

"A clear refinement of our go to market offering – making it super simple for clients to get what we do in less than 30 seconds. Great visual representations and use of language. Peter gets to the heart of your strategy, he listens intently, challenges, synthesises and refines. His ability to translate complex concepts into crystal clear engaging imagery is outstanding."
Arun Dehiri, 

Explaining consultancy can be tricky. Especially with such a diverse range of services and client segments as is the case with Red Dawn Consulting. In a synergetic creative process, we managed to capture all of it in the RDC Growth Grid™ that provides a coherent overview and intuitively guides the viewer to the relevant content. We took this grid as the focal point in the newly designed website.

Visual Friday also refreshed the brand identity to express confidence and clarity.

The enjoyable creative partnership has the promise of doing many more exciting projects together!