Let’s get birth right!

Concord Neonatal
"Peter has been part of Concord Neonatal’s journey from the start. He has been instrumental in building our brand and brand identity. Backed by his network of creative professionals, he has created all our marketing communication materials, in a consistent and high quality way. Peter has become an important partner in building our company and helped give birth to our brand!"
Rianne Rotink, 
CEO Concord Neonatal

Concord Neonatal is changing the odds for premature babies. By allowing physiological-based cord clamping, the Concord Birth Flow® provides a shock-free birth for every baby.

Visual Friday created the brand identity with all the relevant assets and expressions, that together reinforce the brand and mission of Concord Neonatal. In a typical Visual Friday client collaboration, we started with a solid brand foundation and gradually built the brand with a consistent string of brand expressions: logo, manifest, pitch, website, cards, presentations, illustrations, brochure, banners, animation, video.

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