Completeness kills momentum

When you’re performing brain surgery on me, I want you to follow all the necessary steps, meticulously. When I’m using your software, I love it when you’ve got all of the bugs out. If I’m putting together an IKEA desk, I definitely want all the parts to be there. Lots of situations require perfection, completeness. […]

The most important slide in your presentation

Which one is it? The slide about your dream team? The problem statement? The one with your perfect solution? Your roadmap, or the financial projections? The killer opening slide maybe? Actually, those could all be it. And they are at some point. If you’ve done your homework preparing this presentation (most of which is striking), every […]

What would Dieter do?

Over the years, you’ve witnessed an awful lot of presentations (or more likely, a lot of awful presentations). You’ve experienced that elegant, simple slides are far more engaging and effective. Applying this insight to your own slides however can be difficult. Who guides you? Your colleagues may give you feedback (honest or kind), but you know better […]