Pure at heart

It's an honour being a Visual Friday client. Peter doesn't take on just anyone... but when he does, he dedicates himself and his team fully, delivering consistent excellence. In fact, I'm on my way now to an international clinical board meeting with a finely crafted, beautifully designed presentation. The branding support Visual Friday provides always inspires confidence!
Wouter Markus, 

Every day, 250 patients die from postoperative heart surgery complications caused by residual blood and clots in the pericardial cavity. Haermonics is a clinical stage medtech company developing innovative therapies to prevent these complications. In fact, they aim to save 10,000 lives by 2030. 

True to Haermonics’ values – We question. We focus. We dare. – the brand style is sharp yet elegant. With a transparent clarity that relates to the core of its proposition.

Teaming up with my creative friends, communications guru Daniel Lutz, web wizard Kees van Egmond and infographics artist David Gall, we created the strong and coherent brand material that has powered Haermonics to secure serious funding, generate traction, and grow the team.