Luca Grasso is not your typical coach or trainer. When he gets involved with your team, real change is bound to happen. Team members adopt a new perspective on responsibility, accountability and commitment. They embrace new behaviours. Team dynamics, effectiveness and performance benefit.
It’s always a fun challenge to support Luca with engaging and playful visuals for his workshops. Each TeamUP! workshop, including the visuals, is tailored to the client. Below is an impression of the presentation I made for a TeamUP! workshop at Dachser, the global logistic organisation. The workshop takes 2 hours, but this video is 90 seconds. So like a slideshow on steroids ;-).

If you are a true leader and you want to improve the performance of your team, I encourage you to get in touch with Luca to discuss opportunities. Go to the website of UP! for more info or download the Superheroes workshop onepager here.