Spun out of the Amsterdam University Medical Center, and cofounded by Medishield and NLC, SuperSeton brings an innovation that makes treating perianal fistulas easier, quicker and more efficient. Most importantly, it increases mobility and quality of life for patients, by preventing pain and discomfort.

Visual Friday created the marketing concept aimed at colorectal surgeons. Based on the concept and storyline, we created the brand identity and marketing material. Key in the visual storytelling are two illustrations, depicting current practice (dating back to the time of Hippocrates..) and the new, SuperSeton practice. Two videos tell the story about SuperSeton and how to apply the product. All comes together on the brand new website. To support their launch event, I designed rollup banners, business cards and flyers.

I should probably keep this a secret from future clients, but all was done within three weeks. Which would not have been possible without my partners in this project: The website was another smooth collaboration with Rik van der Kemp. Marketing concept cocreated with the amazing Daniel Lutz. Sound design and music for both videos by Michiel van Poelgeest of Klaenk.