NLC is an incubator for healthtech ventures. They are on a mission to improve healthcare, by bringing to market important medical inventions. NLC applies its business experience and entrepreneurial power to match the inventor’s scientific skills, building the perfect team for each new venture. 

I have been closely involved in the building stage of the company, giving a face and visual language to their powerful concept. Creating momentum: attracting employees, inventors and investors.

With the bold brand style, expressing high quality and maturity, we managed to make quite an impression right from the start. Following the initial presentation and brand identity, I have created multiple visuals that all had the objective to keep the momentum going. Inviting more inventors to build their business together with NLC, convincing investors to fund the new ventures and attracting the best talent to join NLC and its ventures. A milestone project was the successful crowdfunding campaign in their first year, attracting €450K from >100 backers.
Currently NLC has built around 20 healthtech ventures and employs 30 experts. It has become the place to go to for scientific institutions wanting to bring their inventions to market.