Klaenk is a studio for sound design and music production, run by Dutch composer Michiel van Poelgeest. Michiel is one of my favourite creative partners in crime. We have joined forces in several exciting projects and we cofounded the collective Lemon Creatives. And now I’ve had the pleasure (and honour of course) of designing the brand identity for klaenk.

Klaenk believes in the narrative power of sound and music. The apt slogan “sound tells the story” was my starting point for creating the logo. The logo design process can be an exhaustive puzzle. But sometimes, the right idea just presents itself. In this case, the exploration of visual associations for story (book) and sound (speaker) popped up this concept and I loved it instantly. The fresh and colourful brand style is inspired by a selection of animations and games. The friendly font expresses Michiel’s personal and original approach to his projects. 

For the website, we cocreated the short animation below. It reveals the new logo and confirms that sound does indeed tell the story. 

Do check out Michiel’s great work at klaenk.com.