The Healthtech Venture Builder

Imagine having this bold idea of disrupting health innovation, by bridging the gap between science and business. You convinced a few friends to join your dream, and then what? What does it take for the first inventors to trust you with their baby? For investors to fund your risky mission? For talent to leap and join your team (not playing it safe)? What makes them perceive your concept as serious business, before it really is?

This is the story of the launch of NLC. When I met Bert-Arjan Millenaar in early 2014, he immediately inspired me with his idea (it’s what he does). Based on that first conversation, I created the draft of what would become NLC’s video pitch. It was the start of an exciting creative partnership.

The confident brand identity, clear communications, and the many engaging pitches we created helped to convince inventors as well as investors to get on board, and to speed up health innovation together. It created the momentum that hasn’t stopped since.

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